Investment Management

Our investment strategy is tailored to the requirements of each investor. We start by establishing a range of factors including desired returns, attitude to risk and ethical views. We have no ties to any fund managers, banks or financial institutions and we can offer bespoke advice – we are free to find a combination of asset classes and investment vehicles suitable to you.

Discretionary Investment Management

Financial markets today are increasingly complex and often highly volatile, making it difficult to differentiate between short-term fluctuations and longer-term trends. Even the sophisticated investor can lack the time and emotional distance necessary to manage their own investment portfolios. Discretionary management is our premier service and is suited to busy investors who want our experts to handle the management and administration of their portfolios day to day.

Portfolio selection

Portfolios can encompass a wide range of investments, from equities and bonds to alternative investments such as structured products and funds. They can also be used alongside other savings vehicles such as personal pensions (such as self-invested personal pensions, or SIPPs and SSASs) and offshore bonds (which allow investors to benefit from the significant tax advantages of investing offshore). We regularly work alongside financial advisers to ensure that your portfolio is being managed in a tax efficient manner.

Balancing of Portfolios

Daily monitoring of portfolios enables us to keep the desired ‘asset allocation’ – the proportion of different asset classes in the portfolio – in line with your investment goals and attitude to risk.

Advisory and Execution Only Service

For a more hands on approach our advisory service allows you to be more involved with the day to day management of your portfolio. We also offer a comprehensive cross asset, global execution only service.

Risk Levels

When constructing a portfolio we want to fully understand your objectives and priorities in order to generate the best after-tax returns given the level of risk you are able to accept. We consider how much risk you are comfortable with taking over all time frames. With an in-depth understanding of your goals and concerns, we are then able to move forward and design an investment strategy that you can be happy with now and in the future.