About us

The Partners of One Knightsbridge Capital have successfully navigated some of the most challenging markets in history throughout their careers. With their combined experience and diverse international client base they saw a need to create a bespoke platform that offers above all independence, safekeeping of assets and a tier 1 suite of products priced competitively. We combine a modern approach to banking and technology with our traditional values. We aim to build long-term relationships with all our customers and to offer an exceptional and personalised service. One Knightsbridge Capital use UBS to custody assets for client accounts.


Our investment strategy is tailored to the requirements of each investor. We start by establishing a range of factors including desired returns, attitude to risk and ethical views. We have no ties to any fund managers, banks or financial institutions and we can offer bespoke advice – we are free to find a combination of asset classes and investment vehicles suitable to you.